Dinner at GIO’s

While out on the pier this morning, we saw a group of kids walking down the beach. Bev of course headed off down the pier to see what was up. They were mostly Spanish speaking kids that had come over on the ferry from La Ceiba (on the mainland) for an outing on Roatan. They were older elementary to middle school age and Bev had fun talking to the one English speaking student. That evening we met Pastor Leslie and Pastor Carold at GIO’s Restaurant in Flower’s Bay for dinner (Pastor Leslie had invited us to dinner and had brought Pastor Carold along to serve as our interpreter). We got there about 15 minutes early, so the waiter let us wait on their outside balcony where we could see the ocean. Of course the bugs are so bad that the restaurant provided us with OFF to spray on our arms and legs. We had a great time as we talked and laughed. We were told that GIO’s was a restaurant that is a must to all of those that visit Roatan. When we left the restaurant, we gave them a ride home and then headed back to Casa Isabella. What a great evening.


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