More Time in Pandy Town

Got up this morning and updated the blog before we left to go to Pandy Town. On our way, we stopped in French Harbour to add a few minutes to our phone. John came out with 1800 minutes. He said it was because they intimidated him with his lack of Spanish. Bev tried to make it clear that we are at the end of our trip! Not the beginning!! And now we have paid for 30 hours of talk time??? Oh well. We made it to Pandy Town where we got to visit with Pastor Jennie and we met her husband. He is a boat captain that takes men back and forth between Uganda and an oil derrick out at sea. While Bev visited with Pastor Jennie, John went down and talked to Jennie’s brother in law Corby about what it would take to start a fishing charter in Pandy Town. Before we left, we walked down to the basketball court and watched for a while. Bev talked to this guy that was watching the game and he told her how the basketball tournament is played on the island. On our way back we stopped at an outside restaurant called Castaway’s Bar and Grill. While we dined on fish and chips, the sand flies and mosquitoes dined on us. Well back to Casa Isabella.


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