Speaking at Pastor Leslie’s Church

It’s Sunday! Earlier in the week, we met a man that told us about a church in West Bay so we decided to try it out. The name of the church is R Church and it focuses on ministering to the missionaries that are currently serving in Roatan. We really enjoyed the service and got to meet more people. After church, we drove to West End to try out a new place to eat called El Boske. It is the closest thing to a food court here in Roatan. It is all outdoors with 6 different restaurants to choose from. After we finished eating we were waiting on the bill…and waiting, and waiting. Well, we finally learned what we were waiting for as once again Pastor Tristan happens by. He was waiting on his order, so he sat down and we visited for a while. What is this all about? We have now bumped into him 3 times. We then headed back to the house to prepare for speaking at Pastor Leslie’s church tonight. This evening John spoke about how God accepts us just the way we are and Bev spoke about God being the Refiner’s Fire. Carlos was our interpreter. Chris and Santos came with us to church also. What an honor it was to get the opportunity to speak to people that are so hungry to hear God’s word.


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