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John got up this morning and drove down to Pandy Town to meet Corby and go fishing. He left Casa Isabella at 6:00 am and he was in the boat to go fishing at 7:30 am. Corby had not done much planning in advance, so they had to pick up supplies before finally heading out to sea at 8:00 am. The supplies consisted of: he had a friend quickly make some homemade lures they called yellow baits, purchased some swivels and wire to make a wire leader from another friend, picked up a cast net and ice chest from another friend, last but not least we stopped to put gas in the boat. After a couple hours of fishing, we stopped at a friend’s place on one of the islands and picked up some coconuts and plums. After we drank the coconut juice, Corby took his machete and cut the coconut in two so we could dip out the slimy stuff inside the coconut with a homemade spoon. We took the boat all the way east between Guanaja and Barbareta Island to fish. Where they were fishing, John could turn one way and take a picture of Guanaja and then turn the other way and take a picture of Barbareta Island. John caught 2 barracudas on his rod and reel and Corby caught one giant barracuda on a hand line – unbelievable. John had a great time but felt like he had got beaten up in the little 12 foot long aluminum boat hitting the waves at full speed. On top of that John got a major sunburn. On the way back to Casa Isabella, John gave Fredy Lopez a call and was told that our meeting with Andy was scheduled for 10:00 am Wednesday – God is at work. That night we went to Pastor Carold Brooks’ church and spoke. This was their prayer meeting night. Pastor Carold says “that when you mention the words prayer meeting it is like you have said a curse word”. She prayed that only those that God wanted would be there. We had an awesome time praying and worshipping. We gave Pastor Carold a ride and prayed for her before dropping her off at her home. She said that God told her that He was going to use her to break down the walls in the black community so they can serve together with all of Roatan.


Hello! We are John & Bev Atkins, founders of Mission Revive.  We are excited to share our journey with you! Please feel free to browse all of the blog to see what God has been doing on the island of Roatan over the past 5 years!! :) 

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