Meeting with COPECO

Today at 10:00 am we had our meeting with Andy Lopez of COPECO. It went great! In addition to Andy and the two of us there was a nurse, Ellen Rose Frazer, and a Dr. Adalberto Mejia who is the head of all the doctors on the Bay Islands. We discussed the strategies of bringing medical teams to the islands. They asked that we start with bringing 4 teams a year (one per quarter) and that each team would spend 3 days on Roatan and another 3 days on the island of Guanaja. With plans to send medical teams to both municipals of Roatan (east and west), Guanaja, and Utila in the future. (Roatan’s West municipal is called Roatan Municipality and East municipal is called Santos Guardiola Municipality.) Wow! God is good. Eventually we would be working with the government of Honduras on all the Bay Islands. We could never have dreamed this up!!


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